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We offer top quality alteration and tailoring services. At Sara Alterations, you get a complete range of garment fixing services to suit your needs. Our trained staff perform tailoring and alterations on suits, dresses and all types of ethnic garments.

Our staff is competent at working with a diverse range of designs, stitching and fittings, so whether you want a garment altered for size or fitting, we will do it for you. Our aim is to transform your garment into an exclusive piece that becomes part of your body and personality. Whether you want a simple hemming on your evening dress or want to add a zipper to your skirt, feel welcome to let us know and allow our experts to take care of it for you.

We offer tailoring and alteration services on the following garments and more:

  • Suits, including shirts and trousers

  • Skirts, blouses and tops

  • Bridal wear

  • Casual clothing

  • Denim wear

  • Leather garments

  • Alteration of sleeve and trouser length

  • Replacement of collars and cuffs

  • Reworking of the seams and adjustment of hemming

  • Patchwork

  • Repair of tears and ripping in garments


Redesigning Your Old Garments

We also work on renovating your old garments and giving them a more contemporary design. Have you recently stumbled upon an old dress that you don’t want to throw away but cannot wear because it looks out of style? Well, why not bring it down to Sara Alterations and we will redesign it for you to transform it into highly fashionable attire worthy of your attention.

Quick Alteration

So you have bought an expensive garment from the boutique but it still doesn’t flatter your body? Let us handle it for you. Do you need a resize for your dress, or perhaps the hemming needs adjusting? With Sara Alterations by your side, you do not need to worry about these problems. Simply keep calm and entrust your garment to us.

Repair Services

We also offer exceptional clothing repair services for all types of garments and textiles. Whether you have a tear on a shirt or a hole that needs to mending, we will be glad to help you.

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