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Bridal Dress Resizing

Whether you want your bridal dress altered for size or design, you can entrust it to Sara Alterations. We take great care to ensure that all our alterations are immaculate and precise so that even you cannot tell the difference. Our experts will be able to tell you how far your bridal dress needs adjustment, lengthwise or along the shoulders or waist. Our resizing is so fine that you will not find any unwanted bulges or folds in the dress. Everything will drape naturally over your body like a perfectly customized bridal dress. We also adjust the embellishment and embroidery according to the resized bridal dress.

At Sara Alterations, we will even help you adjust an old bridal dress by remodeling it to suit your body. Our expert team will adjust every feature of your bridal dress including the skirt, sleeves, or neckline to give you the perfect look on your most memorable day. If you want to give a particular ethnic or generational feel to your wedding gown, we are open to experiments. Our experts will gladly remodel your wedding gown to make it either trendier or more like the old-world classics as you require.

Custom Wedding Gowns

At Sara Alterations, we take particular delight in helping our clients get the wedding gown of their dreams. Our team has particular skill in designing and customizing bridal wear to the highest levels of finesse and professionalism, taking care to design your bridal wears exactly according to specifications and delivered on time.

We discuss every aspect of the wedding gown with our client at the designing stage so you know exactly how the gown is going to shape up. We discuss everything from the design and shape of the jackets, bodices, boleros, and veils to the smallest detail to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Bridesmaid / Mother of the bride and groom Dresses

A bridesmaid has to complement the bride in grace and beauty perfectly. At Sara Alterations, we offer customized bridesmaid dresses to complement the wedding theme and the wedding gown. We welcome bridesmaids along with the bride-to-be to visit us for a discussion on the design that will suit the occasion, setting and wedding theme. Whether you would like a separate design for each of your bridesmaid’s dresses or a common design theme for all, we will accommodate your needs without any trouble.


The wedding gown is at the center of the wedding, and we want you to showcase it with pride. It’s incredibly likely you’ll want to steam your wedding gown before your special day.
We are here to ensure you look flawless on your wedding day. Our knowledgeable and professional bridal seamstresses who are experts on fabrics, laces and trimmings, know how to properly treat and take care of your wedding gown.

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