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Home Services

Sara Alterations is all about customer service. Every aspect of our service aims to meeting the standards and expectations of our clients. We offer home services to clients who cannot find the time to make a trip to our site in order to facilitate them. The design of our home services provide our clients with the following:

  • The comfort of having measurements taken in the privacy of their home

  • Saving time spent in driving to and from our site

  • Greater peace of mind without forgetting to carry samples or materials to our site

  • Being able to discuss design issues with family and friends in the comfort of their home

Simply call us on 512-387-1374 or 512-673-7613 and we will send one of our representatives to your address. Our representatives will drive up to your residence in Austin to pick up the fabric and take your measurements. We take care to ensure that the representative reaches you promptly at a time of your convenience and comfort so that you can provide your specifications without any trouble. We also arrange same-day home service appointments in case of urgent situations.

With our home services, you get the benefit of having a comfortable and personalized session with our representative and describe every aspect of the design and measurement in complete detail to your satisfaction. Our representative will be entirely at your disposal and will be able to give you their complete attention. You can take your time in describing your specifications and showing samples of the type of tailoring or alteration you would like.

Once our representative has taken your measurements and the material, they will return to the site to begin work on your garment. We work exactly according to specifications and we always keep you informed of the progress on your order. You can even call us up at any time during work hours to find out about the stage of completion of your order. Our representative may even call you back for further clarification or suggestions on your tailoring or alteration order.

As soon as we complete the order, we have it dry cleaned (if you'd like) and delivered to your address by an authorized representative. At this stage, you can satisfy yourself with the quality of the work and check whether your order is according to your measurements and specifications. You then simply make the payment to the representative and collect the official receipt from them.

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