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These Terms of Services (“Terms”) constitute the entire understanding and agreement between the Client (“the Client”) and Sara Alterations relating to the purchase of any services described on the invoice (the “Services”) and supersedes and replaces any and all prior agreements, whether written or oral, that may exist between them with respect thereto.

By visiting our site and purchasing any services from Sara Alterations, you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”). Terms of Service apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/ or contributors of content.



Conditions of Service:

1) Customers with pre-booked appointments will have priority over customers who walk in and call in at last minute.

2) Fitting appointments will be arranged at the convenience of Sara Alterations and the client. Should the client need to cancel a fitting appointment, minimum notification required to move the scheduled appointment is 7 calendar days for wedding and evening dresses and 3 calendar days for other alterations, otherwise a cancellation fee will be applicable. A new fitting will be arranged, but any delay in the completion of the order in this case is not fault of Sara Alterations.

3) We do not accept responsibility for garments that are not pinned by Sara Alterations. We cannot guarantee the quality of finished products if you decide to not rely on our professional advice and request to use alternative measurements or finishing.

4) Faulty work can be returned for rework without extra charge within 7 calendar days.

5) For hygiene reasons, we reserve the right not accept unclean garments.

6) The customer is advised to wear the underwear and shoes they intend to wear with the garments to ensure the correct fit.

7) No responsibility is taken for garments that do not fit correctly if the client has gained or lost weight between the final fitting and pickup, or any other reason beyond the Sara Alterations control.

8) Any changes in Client’s measurements after the first fitting which cause additional or different Services to be rendered are subject to additional charges and appointments. Diagrams and fitting notes will serve as the written record for customization requests.

9) The base quote is subject to change if the Client requests changes after the initial consultation (including those needed due to weight fluctuations, changes in shoes, or additional materials are required, etc.).

10) If the Client who decides to cancel alterations (if possible) while the services started or completed, will not be able to recover the deposit, and agree to accept the dresses in the unfinished state. If some or all of the services are not yet started and the client needs to cancel the services due to unforeseeable events, the client has the option to either have a 25% cancellation fee deducted from the total amount of pending services, or have the full amount credited to the client as store credits to be used for any of Sara Alterations products or services without expiry date and with cancellation fee waived. 

11) If you meet with the seamstress and decide not to continue with alterations, you will be charged a pinning fee. You have 3 days in which to make such decisions and alert the seamstress. There is NO cancellations for rush garments.

12) All concerns or complaints are to be addressed with Sara Alterations during the fitting process and before the final fitting. In the event of a disagreement, any and all resolutions will be at the discretion and sole responsibility of Sara Alterations.



All alterations fees are due and payable in full at the first appointment and full balance must be paid before commencement of work. In case of the wedding dresses after the first fitting, a non-refundable deposit of at least fifty percent (50%) of the base quote is due (a credit card is saved on file and required) and the second half of the invoice is due at the final fitting or time of pickup.


Pickup and Delivery:

Final pickups are interpreted as acceptance. Once the dress leaves Sara Alterations’ possession, we are not held responsible for any damages for that dress. This includes, but is not limited to wrinkling, stains, wear and tear from ceremony and/or reception, bustles falling out from being stepped on, etc. So, we strongly encourage trying on and inspect your garment at the time of pickup.

Unclaimed dresses may be disposed of after six months of the stated initial anticipated pickup date on the claim tag. Garments not picked up for 30 days from pickup date, will incur a storage fee may.

If the client would like another party to pick up the garment on their behalf, Sara Alterations must receive expressed permission and consent with that party’s name.

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